Frequently Asked Questions dental practice for sale


When is the best time to engage TAG?

The ideal time is prior to closing, however, in most cases, that is not possible.  TAG's implementation and analysis can be started anytime before or after closing.  

I have an office manager. Why can't he/she do these things?

Great question!  Most office managers have never started a business or transitioned a business, so they do not have the knowledge or skills to perform many of the tasks.  In addition, the office manager is already performing a full-time job at the practice.  So giving them additional tasks will take away from their daily job; therefore, having significant impacts on the operations. 

Is TAG a consulting company?

No.  Consultants typically evaluate or analyze your practice and create a list of objectives that YOU need to implement.  They do not do any of the work.  We are outside experts that do the work, as well as provide training on what needs or can be done in the future.  We are dental practice transition specialist.

If I bought my practice last year can I still work with TAG?

Yes.  TAG's goal is to accelerate your earning potential. That acceleration can start whenever you are ready.  In many cases, the new dentist has not made very many changes since the acquisition.  

Can't my insurance coordinator get me credentialed?

Some insurance coordinators will know how to complete the paperwork, however, insurance companies are getting very savvy with putting multiple contracts for HMO, PPO and other lower paying plans within the same contract. In most cases, your insurance coordinator would not have the knowledge on how to direct you to sign up for the correct plans. Most insurance coordinators are very good at sending claims and troubleshooting why a claim was not paid, but again, they have never started a company and most likely do not have the experience.

How is TAG different from other dental consulting companies?

We deliver results, not recommendations!

With a few Internet searches, anyone can find all the advice and recommendations for just about any issue. What's missing is the skills and expertise to execute.

We offer the skills and expertise to do all the work necessary and partner with the practice in assisting them with learning the details on managing the information moving forward.

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