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Credentialing and credentialing maintenance are critical components to the success of your practice. Don’t risk practicing unknowingly without a license or having insurance payments delayed due to expired credentials.

Many people are confused about what credentialing really means. Credentialing is the process of communicating a provider’s qualifications to provide care or services to patients. Basically, you prove to an insurance company that you are a legitimate business and licensed provider.

Many of our competitors will “credential” a provider by just submitting a W9, a letter and a copy of the provider’s license. Our services go so beyond this basic service! So, we now call our all inclusive superior service…On-boarding. Call us today to find out what is included.

What We Do

In addition to credentialing and enrolling providers with insurance companies, we help dentists keep their credentials up to date. You will never need to wonder if you or your office manager remembered to do your renewals. We will –

  • Improve provider data integrity
  • Update conflicting information with payers
  • Eliminate repetitive work
  • Eliminate payers holding payment due to expired credentials

Who We Work With

  • All Commercial Payers
  • Medicare Part B and DME
  • Tricare

Service Fees

Credentialing Maintenance – $59/mo; per provider*

  • Dental License
  • Speciality License
  • Malpractice
  • DEA
  • CAQH
  • Business Entity
  • NPPES (NPI 1 and NPI2) updates
  • Address changes to all payers

Credentialing/In Network Enrollment: $250.00 per provider
(does not include maintenance)**

  • Application collection and completion
  • Fee Schedule Review
  • Application submittal and followup
  • Assist in updating PMS with fee schedules

*One time setup fee of $299. CAQH setup fee is additional
**Medicare and Tricare are different fees due to the complexity of the applications

Credentialing management allows me to focus on my patients, not expiration dates.

Don’t risk practicing without a license! Sign up for Credentialing Management Services and never worry about your license, malpractice or re-certifications falling through the cracks.

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Looking for more information? View our Credentialing FAQ’s to learn more.

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