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Collections Protocol

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Collecting money is a much more difficult task than most people realize. Let’s face it, it’s uncomfortable to talk to people about money. So, having a process that will apply to all patients will allow your staff to remove the personal influence and just follow the process.

Our goal is to help you implement a policy that will encourage patients to pay on time or help the staff to collect aging balances within a 30 to 90 day period, prior to having to write off a balance or turn the patient over to a collection agency.


  • To establish a  repeatable process to follow each month for aging over 30 days
  • Personalize collection letters that meet the needs of the practice
  • Inform all staff members of the policy
  • Train the back office how to be collectors without conflict
  • Implement a small balance policy upon check-in

Who should attend?

Office Managers
Collections Coordinator


Partial Day Remote Training Webinar