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Sometimes, owning your own dental practice can be a dream come true. However, dentists may find the business aspect can become a nightmare.

T.A.G eliminates the fear of owning a practice by assisting a dentist through the implementation of getting the business started and fully operational.


Our innovative and initiative management solutions will help a dentist integrate into the new role as a practice owner while minimizing the stress of administrative functions.

Encourage staff to focus on patient experience instead of worrying about paperwork by outsourcing insurance, credentialing, and collections. Or at a minimum, get them the training they need to learn how to be the most efficient at administrative tasks.

Start your business correctly to avoid the added expense of correcting it

Utilize basic business start up services to obtain appropriate NPI numbers, licensing, chart of accounts and more.

Outsource your bookkeeping and payroll functions. Start your business with a comprehensive chart of accounts and accounting procedures that will allow you to process vendors and pay employees with minimal effort.

Prevent unnecessary mistakes and costly insurances issues. Allow T.A.G to give you the right tools, a successful blueprint and strategy to accelerate your business.

According to an ADA study, 80% of new graduates become practice owners within 5 years of graduating. However, they know little or nothing about building a profitable business or navigating the insurance industry.

Taking it a step farther…

Outsourcing management services allows your practice to focus on improving patient experience.

In a recent poll, the majority of dental patients would not recommend their current dental provider. Some providers argue that patient experience isn’t as important, but they should consider how the industry is changing. Dentistry is changing and patients are demanding a better patient experience by shopping around for providers based on patient reviews, use of technology and overall experience.

As a provider if you think patients choose your practice over others in the community because you have a friendly staff, you are missing the mark. A friendly staff is an expectation of every patient.

Allow your staff to focus on patient experience and create patient loyalty. Don’t allow your team to be overwhelmed with management and administrative tasks that prevent them from focusing on the patients.

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To request your FREE strategy session, call the T.A.G Team at (404) 965-8209 or email


Engaging T.A.G will make a difference in how you start your business.

Services Offered

  • Accounts payable processing
  • Business license acquisition
  • Collections
  • Credentialing (medical & dental)
  • Employee manuals
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Insurance aging outsourcing
  • Insurance analysis
  • Insurance processing outsourcing
  • Insurance processing training
  • KPI Benchmarking and reporting
  • Month end reporting
  • NPI 1 and NPI 2 setup
  • Patient experience training
  • Rebranding of office & marketing materials
  • Regional fee schedule comparison

Looking for more information? View our Management FAQ’s to learn more.

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