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Technological Advancements and Dental Insurance Prospectives – Document Download


Thank you for attending the Technological Advancements and Dental Insurance Prospectives webinar.  All of the documents discussed during the webinar are available in this download.  You will receive:

  1. Claim note
  2. Appeal letter
  3. Standard of care script to be used to send letters, emails, send voice messages, or post on social media
  4. Consent form
  5. Generic refusal form (additional option to the consent form)
  6. Medical history questions to make sure you include with your existing medical history form
  7. The link to get a quote on your malpractice insurance (hopefully it will save you some money)
SKU: VELscope Assets


To facilitate your continued exploration of the discussed topics, we are pleased to provide access to a comprehensive download containing essential documents. These resources have been thoughtfully curated to support your dental practice and enhance your understanding of technological advancements and dental insurance considerations. The downloadable package includes:

  1. Claim Note: A brief statement to document the use of the VELscope when sending a dental claim.
  2. Appeal Letter: A sample letter to be used as a starting point for your appeal, empowering you to navigate insurance processes successfully.
  3. Standard of Care Script: A versatile script for use in various communication channels, including letters, emails, voice messages, and social media, ensuring a consistent and professional approach.
  4. Consent Form: A standardized form designed to obtain informed consent from patients, promoting transparency in your practice.
  5. Generic Refusal Form: An optional document to the consent form, providing patients with the ability to refuse the VELscope procedure.
  6. Medical History Questions: A set of pertinent questions to integrate into your existing medical history form, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s health backgrounds.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer you a convenient link to obtain a quote for your malpractice insurance. We hope this resource will assist you in exploring potential cost savings and optimizing your insurance coverage.

We appreciate your commitment to staying informed and continuously improving your dental practice. If you have any further inquiries or require additional support, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Once again, thank you for your participation, and we look forward to supporting your ongoing success in the dynamic landscape of dental care.